The status I aim for is creating ripples throughout history's waters, that is my definition of immortality

- Domnan Diretnan


 Reasonable knowledge of embedded systems. Upcoming degree in computer engineering. Engineering is all that theoretical science does not do for mankind: practicality is key


Software developer and avid lover of all things development related. The community as a whole represents for me the success that humans can achieve if said community was to be  emulated in other aspects of life

AI Enthusiast

Fascination bordering on obsession with the essence of intelligence. I see myself taking on a Masters degree in AI and contributing valid research to the field in a few years

Science Aficionado

Almost anything science gets me excited. From Dimension Reduction techniques to the Casimir effect to gene editing (CRISPR) research down to ancient Greek philosophers. I get a kick from taking it in even when I don't fully grasp it

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